Kava and the Blue


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Ever wake up blue? Today I did, it started out feeling like adrenal fatigue. I was tired, feeling like I was pulling myself through mud. At first I thought it may be Anemia that I suffer from, but this felt a bit different as it crept into feelings of disenchantment, becoming overwhelmed, eventually leading into lack of motivation along with feelings of defeat.

I skipped morning coffee. Innately I knew that ravishing my addreanals was not the answer…yes, I needed some support, but I just knew a stimulant wasn’t the answer. I’m not regularly a nervine-in-the-morning type gal but I was in need of some peaceful decompression. As soon as I came to the shop I reached for the Kava. I consumed a dropperful, quite slowly between sips of Chai and found such relief as I felt the fog begin to lift away…Here’s the way it is described by Jim McDonald…

…”The best way I can describe the effects of kava kava is to compare it to lying on a sunny beach with nothing pressing to do or think about and being so laid back it feels as if you’ve sunk halfway into the sand. Kava puts you there.”
-Jim McDonald¬† Read Jim’s blog on Kava Kava here.

*Important for me to share: Kava is a when-you-need-it or now and then herb- oppose to an herb for everyday use…All plants are sacred. Kava is especially beautiful and today has brightened my heart and path…


Elderberry JAM!



Elderberry Class FB Banner
Have fun while you learn all about Elderberry with this hands-on class; you’ll get to craft your very own classic Elderberry syrup, Elderberry jam and Boozy berries using this super immune boosting fruit.
Make, and take home 3 separate remedies, recipes, knowledge, and know-how with hands on experience of crafting with Elderberries.
This class will indeed fill up fast so fire it up!
Cost: $45
(This includes all of your supplies including jars, herbs, alcohol etc)!
When: November 8, 2015
Where: Tangled Root Botanicals
5750 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale Az 85301
You must pre-register for this class either by paying in full or making a $25 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. If making a deposit, remainder of balance will be due upon day of class before it begins. Please be on time ūüôā this class will be full of information and making, creating, laughing, great vibes and much happiness to have and give!
‘Cuz we be Jammin’!

Shakti Moon Collective – A Gathering of Wild Women (Full Moon Circles at TRB)


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A gathering of Wild Women who connect to nature by taking in her earth medicine, creating a flow of love, peace, support and exception in a safe environment. Together we unite as ohana and stand together in the sisterhood of Gaia…

Snow moon is on February 3rd and as the aerial parts of the plant freezes over, much like the root, we tap into the cold earth for refuge from the elements above ground. In survival mode we reflect inward, often nurturing and protecting others and forgetting many times to honor our own truths… This desire continues to deepen…

What have you survived?… What are you surviving?… How are you thriving?

On this full moon we will discuss Yarrow to warm the feminine spirit. Women and girls of all ages are welcome to share. Our confidentiality is what bonds us as a collective sisterhood.

There is a $10 donation however no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Tea and snacks will be provided. Feel free to bring munchies and drink for the group if you would like.

We will continue to meet every full moon to honor the Goddess within.


In sisterhood,
Merihelen Diaz Nu√Īez

2014 HerbFolk Gathering in Flagstaff, Az!

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Are you going?  Are you GoiNG?!

That seems to be the gist of my convo’s lately as I anticipate the event¬†I wait for all year long!¬† I am speaking of the HerbFolk Gathering in Flagstaff, Arizona where my herbal, city-loving buns get planted on the earth along side some of my favorite teachers…and when I say alongside I mean call security!¬† Oh yeah, I creep…¬† However, as I awkwardly¬†perch myself upon the picturesque land playing it off as an old yoga injury, they¬†never seem to mind.

That’s what makes this conference so unique!¬† Your right there, learning about the land, on the land, feet away¬†from an herbal rockstar, very¬†impressive!¬† What’s more is¬†Kiva and Jesse, creators of¬†‘HerbFolk’,¬†always have awesome entertainment at the conference.¬† I know you must be thinking, ‘whaaaaaaat, entertainment at a conference’?! Yup!¬† They sure do and this years theme is “The Enchanted Forest”!¬† I can’t hardly wait!¬† Not once have I walked away from this event without¬†making a better, deeper connection within myself, with¬†my friends, and with the plants that surround me…

I had the opportunity to vend at last years conference and this year I myself will be teaching. TRB will be there hawking the goods and having a good time!  And like every year that I go, I just take it in, being ever so thankful and grateful to be attending such a wonderful event!

Click here for your tickets and info on accommodations.

HerbFolk 2014, here we come!


And it became so…


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We’d like to announce the beginnings of our newest project here at Tangled Root Botanicals.¬† We have worked really hard to obtain a brick and mortar storefront¬†in Glendale, Az and are so pleased to bring natural medicine to our communities and neighborhoods in the surrounding area and beyond!¬†¬†¬†We’ve worked feverishly behind the scenes in building up our new space, as well as coming up with new formulations and making herbal medicine.¬† We have so many things in the works we are¬†waiting to bring you, like seasonal, hand-made botanicals, house made tinctures, free classes and advanced classes, opportunities for internships and apprenticeships, mentoring and more!¬† July 27th is our Grand Opening, we have had lots of fun meeting our neighbors in Catlin Court and¬†are having great vibes in our own space.¬†So here we go, follow us on our journey, upward and onward…

“If you Believe, work hard and never give up- it is inevitable…”

-Merihelen Nunez


Aleyda’s Yogurt with a Twist of Merihelen!



How long it had been that I read countless articles and blogs on how to make yogurt myself.¬† Then my hubby says to me, “You wanna make yogurt? My mom used to do it all the time in back in Cuba”, then¬†when I heard she was coming¬†into town¬†I was ecstatically looking forward to having this¬†hands on experience!¬†¬†So today I share with you how I learned how to make the most, no really, the most freshest, delicious yogurt¬†I’ve ever¬†tasted!

My mother-in-law Aleyda¬†was delighted to show me her skills and I¬†flew right¬†out and¬†purchased the best ingredients I could find, that wasn’t hard because all I needed was Milk and a container of plain yogurt.

Things you’ll need to create your own cultured concoction:

  • Stainless steel / glass pot
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Glass Container big enough for your batch

First thing we did is pour our organic milk into our pot, I used Straus Family Whole Milk.


No, we didn’t add butter, that was the cream of the milk that floated over the top.

We started the heat at about medium high, and she waited.¬† Thoughts swimming in my head whether this would burn the milk, she assured me this would be fine.¬† It stayed there left untouched until it formed a crusty type of appearance on the top layer of the milk like this…


Soon it started to foam around the edges.¬† And we waited for full boil like this…


Turned off the heat once it came to a rolling boil and just carefully transferred the pot with the milk into a cool water bath waiting in my sink.


We simply waited for the milk to cool down.¬† She dropped a small amount of milk¬†on the inside of my forearm when it was ready.¬† It felt like the temperature I would’ve put in my babies bottle back in the day…a nice and warm. If it’s a temperature I wouldn’t give to an infant it’s too hot.¬† Sorry for the informality, I can’t give you an exact temperature for those of you with the thermometer in your hand.¬† This was actually really the way I wanted to learn, with the most basic experience, the folk method.

After this part she poured the milk back into the container.

Then, she added the plain whole fat yogurt that she used as a starter.


She mixed the yogurt up a bit and in it went, slowly, and she insisted it kind of slip into the milk by the side.  I listened respectfully and nodded.

We left it out, uncovered on the counter where I watched it coagulate as time went by.  By the next day, not even 24 hours past by we were able to dig in.  It was a very soft yogurt, thinner than I am used to.  But, with honey- Get Outta Town!

Today I made my own and followed these exact steps.¬† What I did differently is add a little Xanthan Gum¬†after the milk was scalded and boiled in hopes of thickening up the yogurt.¬† I can’t wait to have some tomorrow morning with honey, fruit, hell maybe even a little super fruit preserve.

Wishing you success on your yogurt making journey.


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What A Time to Remember! Herbal Resurgence 2013


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So I’ve been back a few days already but can’t seem to get down from this high! Wow, can a community of friends old and new bring such peace, balance and beauty back into your life! Herbal Resurgence 2013 was set in Mormon Lake, Arizona in a breathtakingly scenic piece of land.

The classes were rich with information from esteemed herbalist like Charles “Doc” Garcia and Sam Coffman with teachings from knowing the role of the herbal medic to talking ‘Pee and Poo’.
Whether you were a clinical herbalist or practice sustainable living this conference was sure to fill your cup!

It was an honor to be sponsors in this year’s event for the first time. We are very much looking forward to being apart of this amazing conference for years to come!


A very special thanks to Kiva Ringtail Rose and Jesse Wolf for coordinating this gathering to bring support, confirmation and soulful connection to all who desire to be treated by the abundance of earth.


Moving and Shakin’


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We’ve been up to so much in the recent months, but life’s a different animal when you do what you love!

We’re getting all geared up to go one of my favorite herbal conferences in the Southwest, where we are proud sponsors in the 2013 Herbal Resurgence and Rendezvous! If your coming stop and say hi!

At this time we’re currently holding classes at A Bloom Salon in Central Phoenix. Sign up to learn more about natural medicine medicine making! Here’s one of our upcoming classes, reserve your space hereūüôā


Here we go again!


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Just another beautiful flower... Pondering on Spring, I see the green in the Mulberry Trees. It's coming...

Just another beautiful flower… Pondering on Spring, I see the green in the Mulberry Trees. It’s coming…

I can’t even keep track of how many blogs I have written over the years, but it’s okay… We’ve found our niche. We always knew it was the earth but something was always off… Timing mostly. But here we are now, excited, and are looking foward to writing, experiencing, learning together with you! Herbalists are forever-students, learners of the land and the plants. So let’s dive into this journey together!